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So Many Devices, So Little Time….

We are a very technologically connected family, sometimes too much. We’ve got 3 HDTVs, 2 laptops (1 crashed or else it would be 3), 3 Android smartphones, 1 Android tablet, 1 Kindle, a Kindle Fire TV, 2 Xbox 360’s, 1 Xbox One, 1 Playstation 3 and 1 Playstation 2. I think that covers it. I...


7 Tips For Giving Children A Smartphone

Do you remember your first cell phone? For me, it was 1990-something and my parents had just brought home a brand new, charcoal black, state of the art bag phone! At the time, it was an amazing piece of technology. I still remember how it’s bulky mass sat stoically between my parents in the front seat of...