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What Would Your Love Story Look Like on Paper?

In the early 2000’s, I was journaling on paper. There were a few times before Travis came along where I thought I was “in love”. I remember seeing ‘The Book of Us‘ in stores in the journal section once and it’s been on my wish list ever since then. It didn’t take long for me...


Why Mr. Vines Dug Through the Trash for Me

When my SIM card in my LG G2 phone crapped out and my phone warned me that my SIM card was not recognized, I knew it was because I had installed it improperly from the get go. I neglected to read the instructions and simply inserted my SIM card without the SIM card tray. My...


How It All Started

Nearly 6 months ago, I was offered an opportunity at my full-time work outside of the home job to change positions. I gladly accepted the change. In fact, I had been yearning for this change for many years. I was excited to finally have the opportunity to pursue a path I had taken high interest...