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My Son Didn’t Wreck My Body, I Did!

I hear Moms talk about accepting their bodies as a result of having children quite often (baby weight) . In fact, I hear people use the same reasoning with me when I’m less accepting of my body (i.e. when we, women/moms, call ourselves FAT). The thing is, MY body isn’t the way it is because of my...


We’re Quitting Smoking!

One of the things that brought Mr. Vines and I together was a long conversation of our goals and dreams. We share so many common goals and dreams. In fact, all of the goals that I’ve wanted to accomplish for so long are the goals that we had discussed. Our first discussion was months ago....


Finding the Right Personal Trainer for You

People are creatures of habit.  When it comes to taking the plunge and beginning a fitness routine or joining a gym, you will likely find yourself starting out with exercises and equipment you are comfortable with or those exercises and pieces of fitness equipment which draw from your strengths.  Everyone has exercises and equipment that...