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Five Tech Gifts Under $50

As technology becomes increasingly popular, getting deals on tech gifts does, too! Coming from the mother of a 16-year old son, I can attest to this. We usually get him one large gift and several smaller gifts, but as more and more of those smaller gifts become technology based, the more we’re looking for deals....


Hydrating Post-Workout Green Smoothie Recipe

Post-Workout Smoothie Recipe to Cleanse and Detox You know that feeling right after you finish a workout, like you can take on the world? Think Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. “I’m the King of the World”. Sure your muscles might be taxed, but the gratification you feel for pushing yourself to the next level, for having...


Iron Chest Master Review

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We’re headed to Panama City Beach, Florida for a family beach vacation in about 2 weeks. For the past month I’ve been extremely focused on getting in better shape so I can sport the bikini I bought last year when I weighed 25 lbs. less than I do now. Last year was the FIRST year...


My Son Didn’t Wreck My Body, I Did!

I hear Moms talk about accepting their bodies as a result of having children quite often (baby weight) . In fact, I hear people use the same reasoning with me when I’m less accepting of my body (i.e. when we, women/moms, call ourselves FAT). The thing is, MY body isn’t the way it is because of my...


Finding the Right Personal Trainer for You

People are creatures of habit.  When it comes to taking the plunge and beginning a fitness routine or joining a gym, you will likely find yourself starting out with exercises and equipment you are comfortable with or those exercises and pieces of fitness equipment which draw from your strengths.  Everyone has exercises and equipment that...


What’s Your Excuse? Response

One Mom’s Attempt to Motivate Fitness Backfired…OR NOT Mother of three and blogger, Maria King, has recently taken hits as far as social media is concerned.  A photo of Maria with her three children, posted over a year ago, has resurfaced and become viral.  In the photo, Maria exposes her fit body with her three...