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8 Yoga Poses to Detox

  If you’re one of the more than 15 million people in the United States practicing yoga, you already know how beneficial the poses and breathing techniques can be for your body, mind and overall well-being. Yoga, a centuries-old practice, stimulates blood flow, balances hormones, encourages digestion, lowers blood pressure and more. But did you know...


Iron Chest Master Review

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We’re headed to Panama City Beach, Florida for a family beach vacation in about 2 weeks. For the past month I’ve been extremely focused on getting in better shape so I can sport the bikini I bought last year when I weighed 25 lbs. less than I do now. Last year was the FIRST year...


My Son Didn’t Wreck My Body, I Did!

I hear Moms talk about accepting their bodies as a result of having children quite often (baby weight) . In fact, I hear people use the same reasoning with me when I’m less accepting of my body (i.e. when we, women/moms, call ourselves FAT). The thing is, MY body isn’t the way it is because of my...


Counting for Weight Loss

During a recent interview with Scott Lawson, Exercise Health Science and Physiology Professional, Scott shared his professional opinions on attaining Year ultimate health and wellness. Whether you’re interested in weight loss combined with achieving ultimate health and wellness or you’re simply cheap jerseys looking to perfect your existing mission towards said goal, Scott firmly believes...