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People Are ACTUALLY Saying This is Cruelty to Children

We’ve had an AMAZING year, a good year for the most part. My teenage son has finally come out of his shell. Honestly, I truly believe it has a lot to do with the fact that Travis has become part of our family, that WE’VE become a family together. I can’t say that Nicholas had...


Our Imperfect Christmas #keepingitreal

I read a post at Fractionated Living about Mom Bloggers keeping it real that reminded me of why I created this blog. 217 days ago, I began a journey with Mr. Vines that was completely unexpected. In a very short time, me and Mr. Vines both realized that we were meant to be together FOREVER! I...


Our First Christmas Tree Together

2014 marks our first Christmas together. Mr. Vines loves real Christmas trees as do I. With Mr. Vines working pretty much every waking hour during the week and Saturdays we’re not in a position to maintain a real Christmas tree. I’ve been maintaining the majority of the household responsibilities as well as working full-time and blogging (mostly...