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Welcome to my 2nd Stitch Fix review. If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a style subscription box that offers clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewelry, scarves and handbags, etc.), all custom-tailored to your sizes, preferences and feedback, by a personal stylist. Read on to see what I got, then I’ll break down how it works.

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Before I get started with this month’s Stitch Fix review, though…I want to let you know that I wasn’t really concerned with capturing shots in the beautiful floral meadows or downtown Atlanta or a playful picture in the snow. I was just going to take the shots against my white bedroom wall with the electrical outlet and cable hook-up just chilling in the picture again.

Something made me want to get creative and find meadows and cities and snow, Oh My! I was totally ready to do it. Then I got my box and on the drive home from work (10 miles, 30 minutes) my mind ALMOST raced.

It didn’t take long for the reality to hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t have a beautiful oasis back yard. I live in an older apartment complex and though it’s quiet and well-maintained, Winter (in Georgia at that – it was 70-ish on Christmas Day with barren trees and no snow in sight) is not the ideal season to take beautiful landscape photos here; plus an off-site location would require me to travel from home to off-site 5 times to change outfits. Um, NO! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, I had to find another way to get creative INSIDE. We wiped off our dining room buffet (where I FINALLY removed the Christmas wreath that had been hanging for over a year – OOPS) and took pictures in front of my makeshift kitchen to laundry doorway, a shower curtain, since the kitchen opens to the laundry room.

Honestly, I think the pictures turned out fun. It was a great way to improvise and use my budding photography skills haphazard attempts at photography. Plus, I remembered from the Glamour Shots I had taken in high school where they put me in all kinds of uncomfortable positions just to look pretty. I totally got uncomfortable (and I might have forced Travis to yell “SUCK IT IN ” a few times during the “photo shoot“).

Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean

by Kut from the Kloth

Once again, I’ve very quickly fallen in love with the jeans. I didn’t need to wear them around the house. I tried them on the morning after I got them before work and ripped the tags right off. After years of wearing straight leg or bootcut jeans most of the time, I’m finally adding some variety to my collection.

I got my box on Thursday 12/31. You have three business days to decide what you’re going to keep. By scheduling my box around a holiday I had extra time to fall in love (or not).

Stitch Fix Tip #1: Schedule your box to deliver on a Friday (or Thursday). Click To Tweet

Last month I kept the Liverpool Mira skinny jeans (pull-on at that) and this month I’m adding a pair of boyfriend jeans to my collection. I never thought I’d like (or look good in for that matter) boyfriend jeans.

They’re also very versatile! I’m wearing the in all the shots so you can see how they can be paired with other items.

I got to wear them on New Year’s Eve and I was able to take a creative fashion shot, or at least I think I did.

@kutfromthekloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans from @StitchFix

Originally posted on Instagram: Happy New Year! This is me ringing in 2016 sporting Dana’s new kicks and feeling oh so comfy in my @kutfromthekloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans from @StitchFix by our #nyebonfire #stitchfixfriday #photochallenge #stopdropsnap #bloggersgetsocial #stitchfix #fbloggers #whatimwearing #ootd #outfitoftheday #fashionover35 #subscriptionbox #personalstylist #realwomen #realfashion

and here’s a good general shot of them on me (standing up). At first they fit a bit too snug for a boyfriend jean, but after several days of wash and wear, they’re JUST right, a bit more boyfriendy then when I first got them. I MIGHT have just under-projected my size when I signed up. Some folks say to get a size down.

As far as the cuffs go. They’re just folded. They’re not STUCK like that. You can unfold them, but they’re…WAIT FOR IT…tapered. DON’T. DO. IT. Keep them folded. Pair them with some booties or short-stack heeled boots/heels. I’m convinced tapered will NEVER be in.

Stitch Fix January 2016 Review - Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Keep or return? It only took a few minutes to decide to keep these. I’ve received 8 tops and 2 pairs of bottoms in my TWO Stitch Fix boxes. So far, it’s 2 for 2 on the bottoms, despite the hefty price tag on both.

Both pairs of jeans I received were $78. Deduct the $20 styling fee and they’re $58. If I separate it in my mind, or transactionally, it’s okay. Plus, I’d expect for these jeans to last longer than others.

Stitch Fix Tip #2: If you don't use it, you lose it. Always get at least one item from your box so… Click To Tweet

Bixby Clover Print Blouse

Um, I just got that in my last box. No worries, I requested it. I told my stylist, Olivia, that I loved it so much, but it just didn’t fit right.

Stitch Fix Tip #3: Wrong size? Ask your @StitchFix stylist for another size in your next box. Click To Tweet

I originally received this blouse in a Medium. When I got it in a large, I was stoked, yet torn at the same time. My engine on my car just blew so I really shouldn’t be spending any money. I was afraid of how many items I would fall in love with. I’m not very good with the whole shopping restraint thing, especially when I don’t have to actually shop and fashion just falls on me!

Stitch Fix January 2016 Review - Bixby Clover Print Blouse

Keep or returnUnfortunately, when I tried it on it felt too big. There is no medium-ish or a-little-less than large size. How about a medium and a half? Um, no. I will be requesting other Bixby brand items, though.

Papermoon Quita Split Neck Top

Red used to be my favorite color and I love bohemian styles. This top was a perfect match for me, until I put it on. What the HELL was my stylist thinking?

Well, first of all I got a new stylist. It’s my 2nd box. How did I get ditched so soon? I thought for sure that was it, but after reviewing my profile, I realized I signed up for “straight” fit tops. No wonder my curves were not being accentuated.

Stitch Fix January 2016 Review Papermoon Quita Split Neck Top

Keep or returnSuper soft material and I love the lace neckline, love, love, love, but it was too boxy for me. A little contour and I’d be down. I’ll definitely be requesting more Papermoon tops in future boxes.

Stitch Fix Tip #4: Love a brand? Request it in your next Stitch Fix box. Click To Tweet

Pauli Poncho Cardigan

Poncho cardigan. Hrm. It felt good at the touch. Let’s try it on. I took 9 photos to get this one. It looks cute! The reality is, it feels great and the thickness is just right for me (after letting my long-lost stylist know that I didn’t like THICK sweaters), but…I drowned in this…

The GLAMOUR shot….

Stitch Fix January 2016 Review - Sweet Romeo Pauli Poncho Cardigan

The Reality Shot

Stitch Fix January 2016 Review - Sweet Romeo Pauli Poncho Cardigan

Keep or return? I look like a bat, a FAT bat, a bat with flabby arms. NO.

Honay Cowl Neck Poncho Pullover Sweater

This looked WAY TOO BIG. I wasn’t looking forward to putting it on. Poncho style #2 in the same box. What the hell is wrong with my stylist? Ohhhh, my profile AGAIN.

Stitch Fix Tip#5: Is your stylist NUTS or is your profile wrong? Click To Tweet

So, um, yeah…I chose outer pieces like cardigans. I really don’t want those. Maybe I did before, but to build a capsule wardrobe, I need to start with the base, which I don’t have right now. In my eyes, I have two pairs of jeans and that’s it. Truthfully, I have more clothes than anyone should have, that I don’t wear. I’m going to continue weeding some things out to prepare for our (potential) move in April/May 2016.

Here it is. It’s just too big.

Stitch Fix January 2016 Review - RD Style Honay Cowl Neck Poncho Pullover Sweater

Keep or return? It was comfy, but it’s just too big and I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to put it on. It looks like a Taco Bell Crunch Wrap on me or one of those stingrays you see at the aquarium.

Love It or Hate It?

For my second Stitch Fix box, despite the fact that I got a new stylist (Nicole M.), I realized that the stylists actually pay attention. That little note in the upper right hand corner is a personalized note to me.

Plus, you ALWAYS get these style cards to help you learn how to wear your piece(s)! They’re perforated and you can tear them apart and collect them in a mini photo album.

Stitch Fix January 2016 Review - Style Cards

Your commitment to communication – HONEST communication – is critical, as well as ensuring your profile is accurate. Until I get a box where I love all five items (I would say keep, but my budget does not currently allow for that), I will check my profile EVERY time. The benefit of having this blog is that I can share a lot more detail with my stylist.

How Stitch Fix Works

  1. Register for Stitch Fix.
  2. Complete your style profile. It takes less than 10 minutes and helps Stitch Fix understand your budget, size, style, shape and lifestyle. I chose the lowest cost option.
  3. Schedule your first box (see tip #1 above).
  4. Receive your box, try it on in the comfort of your own home for 3 business days, take pics (so you can get an outsider’s perspective, even if you don’t share the pics).
  5. Decide want you want to keep and return. (See tip#2 above). — If you buy all 5 items, you save 25%.
  6. Check out and leave feedback for each item and then general feedback for your next box.
  7. RETURN what you didn’t keep. Shipping is free both ways.
  8. If you set up scheduled fixes, make sure the next date works for you or reschedule.
  9. Double check your profile if you didn’t keep everything.
  10. Refer friends to earn credits!

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What Would You Keep?

So, after reading my post, what would you keep?