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I’ve reached a point where I’m unhappy with virtually everything in my closet, but it’s FULL. It’s full of clothes that are too small, pants that are too short or just don’t feel right around the waist, shirts that are too tight, too short or just don’t flatter my body anymore. The fact of the matter is, I’m 36. I’m not 24 anymore, but I’m not OLD and I don’t need to dress old. At the same time, staying “trendy” is just too much for me. That tribal print shirt I bought a few years ago…no longer “IN STYLE“.

I’ve had a far too casual approach with shopping and it’s time for me to get serious. All year long I’ve been seeing “capsule” wardrobe on the net. If you’re not familiar with a capsule wardrobe, it’s basically a way to downsize your wardrobe by buying higher-quality, long-lasting, always in style pieces that can be mixed and matched. This is my definition anyway. Think less-is-more.

Stitch Fix review #ad #StitchFix


My problem was that I would go into stores, try a piece on for two minutes and in that time, I’d either have to fall in love with it or not. Two minutes in a mall or department store dressing room trying on clothes is like the honeymoon period of a relationship or marriage. If I want a capsule wardrobe, I’m not gonna build it a Walmart, Target or even Old Navy.

Don’t get me wrong; I love saving money and it’s not that you can’t build a capsule wardrobe from any of these places, but the clothes just won’t last as long and no matter what the store, I just really don’t have time to get to know the clothes.

I’m sure searching capsule wardrobe is how I stumbled upon Stitch Fix a few months ago. After reading a few reviews I signed up, completed my detailed profile, but never ordered my first box. When my friend April at Saving for My Family shared a Stitch Fix post, it reminded me that I had signed up so I logged in again and ordered my first box. Well, it’s not that simple, but take a look at my first box and be sure to read the need to know stuff.

What I will tell you up-front is that the boxes are customized. It’s not just some item-of-the-month subscription box where everyone gets the same thing. You fill out a detailed profile, you create a Pinterest board for ideas and you have a personal stylist for just $20 per month.

Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

These Liverpool Jeans were at the bottom of the box, but I’m going to start with them because they go well with each of the four tops included in my box and I’m wearing them in each picture. Plus, I truly think they saved the best for last when my Stitch Fix box was packed and I have A LOT to say about them, far more than any of the tops just because bottoms are your staples when building a capsule wardrobe, or any wardrobe for that matter. I probably have 10 tops to every bottom in my closet right now.

I didn’t pull them out the first day, but when I reached into the box and felt them, they felt like something I could sleep on, like luxury bedding, just not so poofy. I could not wait to try these on and once I did, I fell in love with them.

stitch fix, Liverpool jeans, Liverpool Mira, skinny jeans #ad #StitchFix

Top by Ann Taylor from ThredUpMira Jeans by Liverpool Jeans

Shoes Unknown (aka I’ve had them for too long and I need to adjust my next Stitch Fix box to include shoes)

Makeup by Julep


The funny thing is, I’ve never been a fan of a tapered leg or skinny jeans. I’ve either always worn a straight leg, a boot-cut or a flare leg pant/jean. After walking around in the house with these on for a few hours, I know that I could easily fall asleep in them. They don’t feel like a jean and they don’t feel like a “stretch” jean. I have to admit that when I first looked at them and saw the elastic waistband, I had wondered if my Stitch Fix stylist accidentally sent me a pair of maternity jeans. I didn’t think I’d like the high-rise because I have such a short torso, but my stylist, Olivia, must have been listening to me when I told her I had a bit of a belly. I can’t tell you how tired I am of “sucking it in” outside of the house. Plus, they’re PULL-ON.

Keep or return? – I struggled with this. I love the jeans, but the price tag was $78. I searched around online and that’s the true retail price. It took me a WHOLE day to decide. I normally pay around $40 for my jeans on-sale, but bottoms are the thing that is making me most unhappy right now.

The fact that my $20 stylist fee goes towards the purchase price (and if I don’t use it, I lose it) is what finally sold me. The jeans were going to be MINE, whether it be today or another day. Finding them for 25% off at a later date was highly unlikely, so I bit the bullet. In fact, if I buy nothing from the box today and buy the jeans later, I’ll be paying 25% more because I’d lose the stylist fee. So, I’m keeping these babies! They’re a little slouchy at the bottom, but I can always get them tailored.

Bixby Clover Print Blouse

This Bixby blouse was at the top of the box. I absolutely loved the print. Olivia hit it spot on. I love black and white, the neckline for my larger bust, the overall length of the top and the sleeve length. I absolutely adored this top, but it was a bit too snug in the chest area. Also, the shoulders didn’t seem to be wide enough, but in pictures I think it looks good on me. I’ll let Olivia know I need more styles like this.

Bixby Clover Print Blouse from Stitch Fix

Keep or return? – As much as I loved the print and the style, it didn’t fit. I put it on twice, which was risque because when I took it off, I could feel the strain.

NEED TO KNOW: If an item in your box doesn’t go on easily, don’t force it. If you break it, you buy it. The good news is, I can request a specific item in a different size in my next box as 1 of my 5. The bad news is, it’s subject to availability. It’s not that I picked the wrong size when I filled out my profile, it’s that — as I’m SURE you know WOMEN OF THE WORLD — different brands fit differently, as do different styles.

Jemdy Striped Dolman Sleeve Jersey Knit Top

This Jemdy top was super-cute. I loved the jersey knit feel, the black-and-white stripes and the overall flow. It was a medium, but this one was a bit too big.

Jemdy Striped Dolman Sleeve Jersey Knit Top from Stitch Fix

Keep or return? – I feel like there was too much fabric under the arms or it didn’t taper just right for me. A more tapered fit under the chest would have worked for me. One of my goals was to reduce the visible size of my bust and keep my tummy hidden. This shirt tried to accomplish both, but the two factors worked against each other.

NEED TO KNOW: When I go to return my items, I can let Olivia know the specifics. I can include a comment with a link to a picture (i.e. this blog post), but there is no option to attach a picture, which I would LOVE.

Cotulla Button Back Sweater

I actually think I saw this sweater on the blog I discovered Stitch Fix on. I might have even pinned it on my Stitch Fix Pinterest Idea Board.

Cotulla Button Back Sweater Back Stitch Fix
Super cute, right? Yes, on someone else, but it just looked bulky on me. I lost my curves. I loved it when I saw it, but it just wasn’t right for me. Plus, now that I look at it, I’m SURE that every time I wore it I’d get jeers from my office mates (the dudes, really) about how I put my sweater on backwards.

Cotulla Button Back Sweater Front Stitch Fix
Keep or return? – Too bulky. It’s more of a “boyfriend” sweater. Maybe I should have tried it on with something else, but I’m going with my instincts here. I didn’t like it on me. The more I look at it, the more I feel like I put on a brown paper grocery bag. This was not flattering on me at all.

NEED TO KNOW: When you don’t like something you know immediately. When you think you love something…AGAIN…you need to consider the honeymoon phase of shopping. A few minutes in a dressing room at a store might not be enough to know. If you’re not sure, try it on, take a few pictures of yourself wearing the item with different companions then stew over it for a few days. Critique yourself. You’ve got 3 days to decide before your have to send your Stitch Fix items back.

Betta Pocket Detail Open Cardigan

The color, a light rose blush, was amazing, especially since I’m digging the rose-gold trend in jewelry. I adore the pockets and the fabric of this cardigan, but it felt more like a robe without the belt. I really think the belt would have made the difference for me.

Betta Pocket Detail Open Cardigan from Stitch Fix

Keep or return? – Unfortunately, this one was a return. If it had a belt, I would have been happier with it. I do like cardigans because they’re so versatile and functional. The belt was a deal-breaker, but I did like the deep pockets, the feel of the fabric and the color.

NEED TO KNOW: You can find cardigans you like with belts on Pinterest, pin the to your Stitch Fix  Pinterest Idea Board and include the links to the pins in your comments.

Love It or Hate It?

My overall impression of my first Stitch Fix box is that you MUST try it. Your first box is a $20 investment which is a stylist fee. If you end up purchasing an item, that fee is deducted from your purchase. If you purchase nothing, you lose it, but it’s a small investment to decide whether or not Stitch Fix is right for you.

You kinda have to get a box to decide. You can look at people’s posts about it all day long (including mine) and see what they wore, how they wore it, how they looked in it, what they kept, what they sent back…but you won’t truly know until you order a box. Of course, this is AFTER you complete your detailed style profile. Be sure to have a tape measure handy to get the best results.

When I first learned about Stitch Fix, the blogger I saw posted photos in scenes. I don’t have scenes for you. What I have is me, an everyday gal on a budget posing against her bedroom wall (with an electrical socket or two exposed in my photos)….this is me, a real person, not just some crafted pose in an environment you would not find yourself in every day.

To be honest, I am that Old Navy, Target, Walmart gal spending money over and over on clothes only to find they don’t last as long as I’d hoped, nor do they stay in-style. I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and tried Stitch Fix. And if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the fact that you don’t have to subscribe to an automatic box. You can get a box when you want one. Multiple subscriptions are available every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month or quarterly (every 3 months).

I’m going to continue with a monthly box, discarding 2-5 items from my closet for every one I keep. After I build up some staples, I’ll switch to quarterly or maybe even “on-demand”.

What Would You Keep?

So, after reading my post, what would you keep?