Olaf, Frozen, teenager
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Nicholas is Melissa’s teenage son from a previous marriage. He’s 16 and fabulous! Right now he’s our only kiddo, but we hope to expand our family soon (after the house and the marriage, but within the next 4 years).

He wore this Olaf shirt from Disney’s Frozen as part of his Christmas Scavenger Hunt, otherwise not only would he not be wearing a shirt, but I likely would not have gotten a photo of his smiling face!


Olaf, Frozen, teenager

© Keeping Up With The Vines – All Rights Reserved

Nicholas is currently a Sophomore in high school. He loves all things electronics and technology, including PC gaming, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. He hopes to be a video game designer / developer one day. He’s been learning coding and graphic design by teaching himself through the internet. He can also fix, clean and install operating systems on computers, root Android and iPhone (etc.) devices. He’s our little tech genius!

Occasionally, we can wrestle him out of his room to catch a movie or play board games. Now that he’s got an Xbox One, he plays in the living room with Mr. Vines. Every once in awhile Melissa will play, too! The three of us have been going head-to-head on EA Sports NHL 15 as of late through our EA Access subscription. Nicholas’s most-played game is Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One. Back in the day, he used to play the Call of Duty series with Melissa.

Nicholas also loves Chick-Fil-A, Famous Stars & Straps and sharing his love for video games on his YouTube channel. Watch his gameplay videos of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC), GTA V (PC), Prison Architect, Euro Truck Sim 2 and has uploaded some tutorials for 3ds Max and GTA SA Modding.

He records with a AverMedia Game Capture HD II. He’s been doing this since he was 12!! Check out a few of his videos below!

Stay tuned for posts featuring Nicholas as we journey as a new family together!

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