Meet The Future Mrs. Vines

Hey, (I usually say hey instead of hello or hi, because I’m all about the casual. It sounds more like Heeeyyy!) I’m Melissa, The Future Mrs. Vines.

I was born in Michigan, raised in Georgia since the age of 8 (1988). I still have a Michigan accent. Prime example….I say CRAN instead of cray-ON which I consider to be the Cajun version. My thoughts: I learned to drive in Georgia. That’s kind of a requirement to survive down here, especially when it comes to black ice. Yeah, yeah, yeah…joke all you want. You can’t drive in it.

Many years later, it’s still not hot enough down here for me. I don’t do seasons. Spring and Summer is enough for me unless it’s through a window. About that Southern Hospitality, though…I love, but I’m a little impatient, especially when it comes to folks who are needy, greedy, lack common sense (often) or can’t figure out things on their own (after a dozen or so times).

Mr. Vines and The Future Mrs. Vines 12/13/2014

In May 2014 I went from a single Mom of a teenage son to entering a relationship with what I would soon decide would be my future husband (my LOVE Doppelganger), Travis aka Mr. Vines. No, he hasn’t proposed and I’m a firm believer in Dr. Laura and Beyonce’s “put a ring on it” theory, but I just know…and we’ve discussed it. It’s going to happen. I work alongside Mr. Vines for an industrial distribution company. That is how we met.

Before that I established myself as a single, working Mom to a teen at my blog, Melissa Say What? In late 2014, though I launched this site in the late Summer of 2014, I decided to focus on Keeping Up With The Vines because my whole life has changed for the better (for both me and my son). I’m just not Melissa Say What anymore…We are a family!

Still, there are things about me that are stuck to my identity no matter what. For the skimmers, look for the colored words!! ( I might be a skimmer…)

First and foremost, I am a Mom and I will always be a Mom. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love my son. Then, I met Travis and he’s right up there. Travis made me realize that I never knew what “that kinda love” (REAL LOVE) truly is. Travis also sparked my desire to have another child or children, even though I had my “tubes tied” several years ago. In fact, I’ve got MAD baby fever.

On a less serious note (kinda – unless you’re talking about how much I’ve invested)…

Starlooks Starbox Makeup Swatch

I’m a makeup lover. I once thought about insuring my makeup collection, but I don’t discriminate. I love Milani or NYX Cosmetics, just as much as I love MAC, Stila or Shiseido (okay, maybe not exactly the same). You can find me on

I’ve always got my eyes on the next new cell phone (smart phone) or laptop / computer.

Melissa Vines - Foodspotting

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house. I’m a foodie that really just began to learn how to cook yummy food in my early 30’s and I’m still learning. I will try anything food or kitchen related at least once twice (okay maybe three times – 3rd time’s a charm). I LOVE trying new restaurants (especially single locations) and new cuisines. I really love Tapas, because I can devour so many different dishes, but I settle for buffets because they’re much more affordable. I like organic, non-GMO foods and locally sourced produce, but I’m human. On occasion, I will scarf down a few Cheetos, have a few ounces of Coke or eat food that has gluten. I’m a Momma of a teenager and Mr. Vines is a carbaholic.

Melissa Vines Photography Samples

I love taking pictures. When I was younger, one of my career aspirations was to be a National Geographic photographer. Over the past 10+ years of the digital camera age (because I was never really good at getting film developed) and many digital cameras later (somehow always left behind in my travles – my most recent MIA camera is in my former BFFs glovebox), I’ve realized I’m not that great of a photographer, so I’ve challenged myself to take more pictures by participating in photo challenges in 2015.

I MIGHT have a potty mouth. Not sure where that came from, COUGH, COUGH, AHEM, AHEM, Mom, but that doesn’t make me less of a person, a lover a believer. Sometimes, I just choose the wrong words, but I’m working on it. It’s nothing you’ll EVER see on this blog or social media!!

Since 1999, I’ve been entering giveaways and sweepstakes.

I love to save money (occasional extreme couponer).

Things that I’m not…

A person who returns things. I research my purchases before I hit the button and it’s super easy these days thanks to product review blogs, product review websites and reviews on Oh and if you lend me something, don’t expect it back I once kept a DVD out from Netflix for an entire year…I KID YOU NOT.

Quiet. I talk too much and I ramble out loud and in written form. Yet I regularly get stumped for blog post ideas. I’m offended by Low Talkers.

Crafty. I am the anti-Martha. Call me Marth Vader (alright someone stole my thunder, but I’m the real Marth Vader). Prime example…

When my parents prepared to put their house up for sale in 2006, I “helped” them prepare by painting. I painted a standard white wooden door with the paint that was provided to me. Yeah…NO. I don’t know how, but I’m pretty sure I can say that I’m the only person who has done such a terrible job at painting a door that my Mom had to repaint it. A…WHITE…DOOR.

What I wanna be (more of in some cases)….

Easily amused. It’s fun to laugh at yourself or find pleasure in simple things.

A world traveler, or at least someone who has visited all 50 U.S. states, or maybe even just a day-trip traveler who enjoys experiences over THINGS (kitchen gadgets excluded). When we’re not inside, we all love being outdoors. Whether it’s batting cages, geocaching or at the driving range and more. We love heat!


A bear…Okay, it’s never gonna happen unless I win the lottery that I don’t play. I accept the fact that hibernation is not an option, unwillingly.

A little bit more able to afford experiences…some might call this the ability to save money or budget; A saver!

A homeowner, an inspiration to my teenager, a mom again…

Mrs. Vines. I’ve never felt so wanna….I wanna say “my husband” when I refer to Mr. Vines.

I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Mr. Vines and growing our family. Please stick around for the journey! I expect we’ll have a lot to share. An engagement, a wedding, a honeymoon (some exclusions apply), our first home, a baby (or babies) and lots more are in store. You’ll be able to follow us from the beginning.

In the meantime, meet Mr. Vines and meet the Vines Kiddos.

Updated 01/14/2015