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Product Reviews & Giveaway Guidelines

I’d love to review your product on my blog and/or host a giveaway. If you are interested in contacting me to review a product and/or host a giveaway, please submit your request via email to Please note that we have a strict policy using ONLY NoFollow links for product review posts.

We absolutely love to attend and review Metro Atlanta Events and entertainment venues from live sports to bowling to family fun centers.

Products we like to review include (but are not limited to):

Kitchen/Food Items (No allergies)
Green/Organic Products
Household furniture, décor and organizational/storage products
Products related to teen boys, teen driving, PC gaming, console gaming, gaming hardware and more.
Hobbies and activities for families with teens
Education (High School, College, Non-Traditional Students)
Products for Men
Products for Women & Moms including convenience items, health & beauty)
Computer hardware & software, websites, online services
Android Apps & Accessories
Electronics/Media Hardware & Software including video games
Gadgets & As-Seen-On-TV products
Books & eBooks
Board games, sports equipment
Family friendly venues, activities & travel in Metro Atlanta, the Southeast U.S. or anywhere in the U.S.
Women’s fashion (regular sizes)


Sponsor must submit a non-returnable full-size product. Sponsor will be responsible for all shipping/handling costs.

I require a minimum of two products when hosting giveaways, one for review purposes and at least one for the giveaway.

Giveaway product will be shipped directly from the sponsor to the winner. Sponsor will be responsible for all shipping/handling costs.

For online services a minimum 30-day trial period is required.

Sponsors are provided a 125X125 Advertising space throughout the duration of the giveaway. Further advertising can be provided for a fee.

I will promote all giveaways through various social media including Twitter and Facebook. Sponsors can feel free to request specific links to be used in a post.

Reviews will not be presented to the sponsor prior to review. Any requests or requirements (including photo requirements) to be included in the review must be outlined prior to review acceptance. No changes will be made to a positive review if requirements are not outlined prior to acceptance.

For a negative review, which I will post; Should you feel that the review is a gross misrepresentation of the product, please feel free to contact me to request removal of the post. Not all requests will be honored.

The time frame in which a review is posted can vary greatly depending on the type of product. If you have a specific time frame, please let me know ahead of time to ensure your requirement can be met.

Additional requirements for book reviews/giveaways:

I accept print and eBooks. If sending via Kindle, I will need to add the sender’s email to my safe senders list.

Preferred genres (Fiction/Non-Fiction): Young Adult, Paranormal, Horror, Suspense/Thrillers, Mystery, Self-Help, Health/Fitness, Weight Loss, Humor, Relationships and Parenting

Our reviews will include cover art, a synopsis of the novel, and our personal thoughts about the book. We will focus on the plot, character development, writing style, ending, and the overall series or book.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion

Disclaimer: Please note that while I post 100% honest reviews, if a particular product has provided a uniquely negative experience, I reserve the right to withhold from posting a review. Again, all submitted products are non-returnable. The sponsor will be notified that no review will be posted, but will be provided with an honest review.


Please contact me for current advertising rates and various short/long term partnership options.

Sponsored Posts

Please contact me for current rates and partnership options.

We have a strict policy using ONLY NoFollow links for sponsored posts.

Guest Posts

Please contact us at to inquire about guest posts. We only accept nofollow links.

Brand Ambassadorship

If you’re interested in offering a brand ambassadorship, please contact us via email at We will consider all requests, however we only engage in ambassadorships with products and services we support and identify with.

Updated July 9, 2016.