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I say gadget, you say gizmo or we could just call them tools, small appliances, etc. No matter what you call them, these tested, tried and true thingamabobs have lasted for at least a year (minimum and still going) in my household. Instead of telling you about something new, I like to share the top kitchen doo-dads I can’t live without. By the way, these make GREAT gifts. Now, what to highlight first?

Fagor Tabletop Halogen Oven

The biggest lifesaver and time saver for me has been my Fagor Tabletop Halogen Oven. A few years ago, before I met Travis, the oven went out in the house I was renting. I love renting because you’re not responsible if something major goes wrong, like your oven going out. Unfortunately, I’m weird about maintenance coming into my place. I’ve since become more accepting, but instead of calling maintenance my solution was the Fagor Tabletop Halogen Oven after watching the video on QVC repeatedly a dozen or so times.

Once I made the investment, it inspired me to get more creative with my cooking, but it also saved me time and energy costs. Plus, compared to competing brands, the tools that are provided with it, like the 5 quart extender ring, which brings it from a 12 qt. capacity to a 17 qt. capacity, allow you to cook almost anything (including the holiday turkey or ham).

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Don’t forget to add the Secura Complete Accessory Set! It’s compatible!

 Burger Pocket Press

I got tired of having the same old burger time and time again, so when I saw a recipe for stuffed burgers on WTF Pinterest I knew I had to have this baby! Even if you only use this stuffed burger maker to make a perfectly shaped burger, the Burger Pocket Press is worth the small price. We’ve found ourselves stuffing our burgers with a variety of ingredients and the cool thing is, everyone can have their own customized stuffed burger.

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 Ninja Master Prep

When I couldn’t find my blades for my Ninja Master Prep, I looked at Ninja’s site and saw that the replacement blades cost 1/2 the price of a new Ninja, so I bought another one. Then I found my blades for the first one. I now have two.

Do I really need two? YES! I have one set for edibles and another for non-edibles, such as crafting up DIY recipes like the recipes I made for my skin using Udderly Smooth lotion. I use the edibles set for smoothies, making hummus, general food processing and making desserts. I store them separately.

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 Chef’s Envy V-Slicer

Chef's Envy V-Slicer Review

My review of the Chef’s Envy V-Slicer has been posted! I intend to review all of my other fave kitchen gadgets on the site, but it takes time. Read the review here. It’s an affordable mandoline style slicer that I mostly use for vegetables and fruits. It slices, dices, chops, shreds and the Julienne cut makes me feel like a better “chef”.

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 Oliver and Kline Ceramic Knife Set

I have a 13-piece knife set from J.A. Henckels that I love. I’ve never had to think about another knife for at LEAST two years, until I learned about ceramic knives, which I really didn’t have to think about because my Henckels set is AMAZING.

The thing about the Oliver & Kline set is that for less than the price of the Chef’s Knife ONLY from Henckels, you get three of the most widely used knives. Plus, they’re ceramic which means they hold an edge longer than a traditional stainless steel knife (don’t need sharpening), they never rust and the handles seem a bit smaller to me and more ergonomically correct, perfect for my small, carpal-tunnel inflicted hands.

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 These are just five of my kitchen must-haves that I’ve been in love with for years! If you’ve got a kitchen lover in your house, these would all make great gifts.

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