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The World’s Most Durable iPhone Charger is Built-to-Last

[Fuse]Chicken Bobine Auto Flexible Dock for iPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6 Plus With the Holidays coming up, I thought it would be fun to review some cool up and coming nerd gear, So I was given this amazing product by [Fuse]Chicken, the Bobine Auto Flexible Dock for iPhones. This is an amazing example of a product that launched...


I Finally Understand the Bible

I’m 36. I should have read the bible about at least one time in full by now, but I haven’t. A while back, while perusing fellow blogger’s sites, I saw a post about the YouVersion Bible App. I downloaded it and I was using it pretty regularly, but for some reason I stopped. That might have a bit...


Keeping Kids & Grandparents Connected & Protected Online

One of the biggest differences between our children’s generation and that of our parents is the enormous technological difference that often exists between the two. Where our kids grew up with things like smartphones, the internet, laptops, tablets and other handheld devices, many of our parents had these technologies thrust upon them. For many of...


So Many Devices, So Little Time….

We are a very technologically connected family, sometimes too much. We’ve got 3 HDTVs, 2 laptops (1 crashed or else it would be 3), 3 Android smartphones, 1 Android tablet, 1 Kindle, a Kindle Fire TV, 2 Xbox 360’s, 1 Xbox One, 1 Playstation 3 and 1 Playstation 2. I think that covers it. I...


7 Tips For Giving Children A Smartphone

Do you remember your first cell phone? For me, it was 1990-something and my parents had just brought home a brand new, charcoal black, state of the art bag phone! At the time, it was an amazing piece of technology. I still remember how it’s bulky mass sat stoically between my parents in the front seat of...


Take the Boring Out of Lullabies

I’ve always been a fan of unconventional music. You can take the hardest musician or band and turn them sweet. Acoustic versions of many popular rock songs really sweeten the deal, especially if you add a soothing female voice to a hard male voice or vice versa. Yet, there is a much more simple sweetness...