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Prosciutto and Melon Penne Pasta Recipe

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Today is our 2-year anniversary. For every waking moment of those two years I’ve been scared. Travis is 10-years younger than me. He’s a Millennial and I’m borderline between Millennial and Gen X. I’m afraid he’ll find someone closer to his age. In fact, even as I post this I’m scared I’m opening a can...


Stitch Fix Review | January 2016

Welcome to my 2nd Stitch Fix review. If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a style subscription box that offers clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewelry, scarves and handbags, etc.), all custom-tailored to your sizes, preferences and feedback, by a personal stylist. Read on to see what I got, then I’ll break down how...


Affordable Post-Holiday Meals Delivered to Get You Back On Track

I haven’t received a HelloFresh box in a while. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, I signed up to receive a box with the intention of learning to make new recipes to help me get back on track after the holidays. By “back on track”, I mean exercising portion-control, using fresh produce and eating nutrient-rich meals...


Stitch Fix Review | December 2015

I’ve reached a point where I’m unhappy with virtually everything in my closet, but it’s FULL. It’s full of clothes that are too small, pants that are too short or just don’t feel right around the waist, shirts that are too tight, too short or just don’t flatter my body anymore. The fact of the...