I wrote a post about alternative uses for dryer sheets on my “old site“. That’s what I’m calling it now, especially after today. I just read said post and I don’t even really know what to say except, it was over 3 years ago and I’m older and wiser now…AHEM.

Okay, okay. I’ll spill it. The post shared a story, which contained a lot of irrelevant details that could have been left out, lead to only one alternative use for dryers sheets and rightfully so had NO COMMENTS….wait it has comments, but 3 of them seem to actually go with another post and one of them is from my mother. (That story is for another place and time. In short, I spent too much time on my blog’s appearance and not enough time writing thoughtful posts).

With that, I feel it is my duty to figure out what do to with dryer sheets, other than in the dryer and in between the seats! So, here are 16 alternative uses for dryer sheets!

16 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

Alternative Uses for {Fresh} Dryer Sheets

1. Keep the bathroom smelling lovely by putting them in the toilet paper roll

2. Put it in your paper towel roll to keep the kitchen smelling fresh

3. Put them in your shoes, especially your tennis shoes or shoes that you wear socks with

4. Stuff them in the crevices of your car seats (front and back) or put them under the seats

5. Keep them in your dirty clothes hamper and take the dryer sheet with you so you can throw it in the dryer with the load, then replace the dryer sheet in your dirty clothes hamper and REPEAT!

6. Who doesn’t love that freshly laundered smell? Keep your undergarments and clothing smelling fresh by placing a dryer sheet in your clothes drawers.

7. Roll dryer sheets up in your Yoga mat in between sessions

8. Calm your senses by adding a fresh dryer sheet with a lavender scent in your pillow cases.


Alternative Uses for {Used} Dryer Sheets

1. General dusting on any surface

2. Clean up baseboards

3. Dust your electronics (TV, desktop computer, laptop) — repels dust and lint

4. Wipe up powdery messes

5. Wipe up pet hair (or human hair)

6. WEAR IT! Yep, that’s right. Tuck a used dryer sheet or two loosely in your pocket or belt loop to repel flying insects. Great for gardening!

7. Clean up chrome accents in your house and on your vehicles

8. Wipe down those window blinds — another dust and lint repellent

{ that’s not all }

Thanks to Curbly, Apartment Therapy and One Hundred Dollars A Month, I was able to fill in some blanks I had about alternative uses for dryer sheets. Check out their posts for even MORE ideas for using fresh dryer sheets or even used dryer sheets beyond the dryer!

{ got comments? } 

I’d love to hear what you use your dryer sheets for!

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